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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Up close to the Golden Gate Bridge...

In 2011, DH and I had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge a few times while doing guided bus tours. We had taken lots of photos from the Fishermen's Wharf area too. This time however, on one of our days in San Francisco, we took the light rail to 19th street and then caught the #38 bus out to the park adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge.
We had to walk along this street to catch the #38...such quaint houses.
The bus ride was 'stop start' as traffic was heavy. The closer we got to the Golden Gate Bridge the fancier the houses seemed to be :-).
A tunnel...and that traffic!

 But it was all worth it! 

The toll gates for the bridge...

The views from that high point were wonderful.

Looking towards the city...

There was a pathway that led to the footpath on the bridge. The bridge is 1.7 miles or 2.74 km approximately and it was decided that DH would just walk out a little way and take some photos. 

In the meantime I checked out some of the information boards and a statue. The statue was of Joseph Strauss the chief engineer on the bridge build.  

And the gardens were lovely at the Lookout too...GGB...Golden Gate Bridge initials spelled out in succulents! 

What a great afternoon! 
( the bridge is red of course; Golden Gate refers to the Golden Gate Strait that the bridge traverses! 


Michelle Ridgway said...

What a wonderful trip you are having. Great pics Maria...enjoying following your adventures x

Nanette said...

The bridge is magnificent, beautiful views, shame you couldn't do the walk across, it's wonderful. I love that you went about on public transport, best way to see a place. On one of my visits an old timer local told me it was called the Golden Gate because when the first explorers to sail into the harbour....the Spanish....the hillsides either side were covered in beautiful blooming golden gorse with the setting sun shining on it......hence the name as it looked like a golden gateway..don't know if it's true but a great story.

margaret said...

some lovley views you have shared with us today, so good as I never get to go overseas and see these places

Paul Forster said...

It is a wonderful bridge and San Fran is a fantastic city. I have been lucky enough to run over the bridge. Views of the bridge and from the bridge are truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Another lovely blog post of your travels Maria.
Years ago I went over the Golden Gate Bridge in an open topped car and I didn't worry about the slow moving traffic because I took photographs through the roof of the car as we drove through.

Thank you for sharing your travel adventures.

angela said...

Beautiful pictures. And the weather looks glorious.

Susan said...

Looks weird to see toll gates when in slow old lazy Brisbane there is not one to be seen!!
Great pics Maria