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Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to the USA...

The first draft of this post was originally written late on August 14 when we left Vancouver and drove south. We needed to be in Seattle by August 15 to join the cruise ship Norwegian Jewel for a 7 day cruise to Alaska...well a tiny part of Alaska actually! Lol. 
The post was not published as Internet access on the ship was a prohibitive price of $9.75 for 15mins or the package of 7 days at $25 per day, but you had to buy the 7 days not just one or two. It is now August 22 and this morning we disembarked in Seattle and are now comfortably ensconced in a city hotel which has free wifi. ( my US mobile wifi hotspot has 'run out' as I only bought a month's access and it also didn't work in Canada or Akaska, despite what the salesman said in LA :-/) 
So last week...
After a lovely stay in Vancouver, DH, DsD3, her partner and I set off for Seattle. We had talked about doing the journey by bus, but both DsD3 and Alannah felt that we could all fit in Alannah's car...with all our luggage...and we did! Not everything fitted in the boot/ trunk, so we had 'overflow' on the floor and between the back seats. 

The border isn't very far from Vancouver and the girls regaled us with stories of 4 hour waits to get through... But today was a good day! 

We did stop shortly after for a snack and drink for the young people in our group and I had a play with some fun supermarket trolleys at Fred Meyer's! 

Our next stop was the town of Everett; first for lunch...
Which was delicious!
And the Boeing factory is in Everett! And this factory is huge being spread over many acres!
Adjacent to the carpark were lots of new planes awaiting delivery to their respective countries. Despite the drizzling rain, DH was out there taking photos!
And more photos! :-)
As soon as we had crossed into the US and DH's US cellphone was again working, he had rung to see if he could book us all in for an afternoon tour of the Boeing factory...which was just as well as when we did finally arrive all the afternoon tours had been all booked out. You can't take photos on the actual tour but there was a display section downstairs in the Visitors' Building, where photography was allowed.

The three girls had a ride in the jet fighter tame! Lol

People were lining up to play in the cockpit on display...
The actual tour took 90 minutes and was extremely interesting. We started off in a movie theatre, then we were bussed to one of the huge factory buildings. We walked along a long tunnel, went up in a freight elevator, to where we could look down on the fixed assembly line in that building. 
After that, we were bussed to another building with a moving assembly line...very slow moving. Again it was all so interesting. The buses were needed as the site is so huge and the buildings are way apart. Unfortunately for us that afternoon, it not only rained, but it poured as we moved from the bus to the buildings and back again. 
But despite being a bit damp after the tour, I had fun in the gift shop! 

These little 'aircraft' key rings, light up with flashing lights and quite realistic engine noises when you press the white button on the 'nose'...cute and perfect for the 'little people', Lucy and Max! And I have enjoyed playing with them too! Lol

DH and I have lots of photos taken on the cruise so stand by for a few posts about what we saw in Alaska. We have one more week until we are home...2 nights in Seattle and then head to Huntington Beach for 2 nights with DH's cousin. We have been posting parcels of items we've bought on our travels, back to Adrienne to save us lugging them around with us. So we have to call in there before we leave! Lol


margaret said...

you are going to be in need of a big rest once you finish all this sight seeing, such a wonderful time you are having. My brother and his wife did a Canada trip last year and went on the ship op Alaska saw some wonderful photos a trip they said they would never forget

Vireya said...

Fascinating! I have a friend who loves planes - I'll send her a link to this post.

Cynthia said...

The Boeing plant must have been very interesting. I think I'll put that on my To Do ... Someday list! You have seen so many interesting things. I'm sure you'll be talking about this trip for years to come.