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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Way back in March at Let's Get Stitched, some of the girls from out of state talked about a fabric shop here in Brisbane that they intended to visit. I'd never heard of 'Voodoo Rabbit' but their enthusiasm was infectious. There wasn't room for all of us in the carload of girls heading off there on the Saturday morning and as a local it made sense that I visit the shop another time to see all the unusual/out of the ordinary/weird/funky fabrics sold there. That day in March, the girls came back with lots of fabric that they proudly showed off to the rest of us.
Well I still haven't been there but I had signed up for the Newsletter. Last week the newsletter had a number of fabrics with 'retro' ( to me, retro means what was around when I was a child!!!) designs on them, all on Special. So I bought 2 such fabrics,plus a children's novelty print and a metre of Kona white.

A closer look at one I couldn't resist :-/
When I was a teenager, I used to think that the frames on my mother's glasses were 'uncool'...and embarrassingly  'daggy'. But I think I may have been wrong!!! She was just ahead of her time! 
Old family photos showing mum and her specs...
My who has the unattractive brown specs? Lol
Mother of the bride...
Friends and relatives have often commented about mum's glasses in this photo...likening them to some of Dame Edna's earlier pairs. ( an OTT Aussie character played by Barry Humphreys)
Here is a link to the Voodoo Rabbit if you would like to have a browse through the website. 


margaret said...

great fabric, especially like the dresses one. re the specs yours are now in fashion her in the UK, plastic frames are back and bigger than the small frames that were fashionable for the last few years. Lovely old photos you have shared today

Una said...

I'm captivated by the curtains in your graduation photo. We had some very like these when I was growing up.

Nanette said...

The curtains caught my eye too, I was looking at them and the beautiful lace on your wedding dress rather than the Voodoo Fabric or the specs. Do you still have your wedding dress Maria?

Cynthia said...

Such a pretty bride! I remember the daisy fabric of your gown as it was popular at the same time in the U.S. It's fun that they are making the retro prints again.

Bev C said...

Hello Maria,

You are lucky to have so many patchwork shops in your area. Noticed the curtains too plus the gloves being worn.

Enjoy your new retro fabric.

happy days.