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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Drop Centre Tram #236

In 2004, DH and I were holidaying in New Zealand's South Island when we saw a Brisbane tram. Trams had stopped running here in Brisbane in 1969 but here was an Enoggera tram trundling along beside us as we drove to Ferrymead Heritage Park in Christchurch!!
So when we got to the car park we rushed straight into the heritage park, paid our entry and then went to try to find this tram! Its destination board was Enoggera; it was the old Route No72 tram which passed through the suburbs that each of us had grown up in.
It didn't take us long to find it as it travelled through the park...
So last Sunday at the Brisbane Tramway Museum when I read the information poster in the Drop Centre tram we rode in, I saw that the #236  Brisbane tram went to the Wellington Tramway Museum but it is operated by The Tramway Historical Society at I excitedly related this to my friends!
That day in June 2004, DH and I talked to the driver and explained that we came from Brisbane. When the driver finished his driving stint he invited us on a personal tour of the workshops where lots of vehicles were being restored...normally the public doesn't have access to the areas he showed us...we felt quite special :-)
And the same man took our photo in front of tram # 236!
You can just read the number on the side of the tram. Good on New Zealand for rescuing an old Brisbane tram! 


Hilachas said...

What an exciting trip! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

angela said...

Now wonderful for You. Good on NZ. The ties that bind us are stronger every day