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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zillmere Gathering...

The last Tuesday of the month there is a Knit and Natter at Zillmere Community Centre for K4BN members. I looked forward to this because my little car was jam packed with donations from friends and family. These items needed to be handed over so they could be distributed to the needy...and that would happen at Zillmere! 
Bags of goodies filled the back seat...
And the boot (trunk)...

And the front passenger seat was filled with items too! (No photo)
That day the staff at the Community Centre had allocated our meeting room to another group...a small group from a state government department. We had to cram into a tiny room, just marginally larger than a single garage. The ladies didn't like that so we had some help to take the tables outside...and then we followed with our knitting and our chairs!
I didn't get everyone in the photo but outside was so much nicer than being crammed inside. The weather was beautiful too...a mild autumn day!

Now it wasn't just me with donations...just about everyone had a 'heap of items' to hand in.

The next photo shows the donations which had all be sorted, noted and then re packed ready to travel to the group's warehouse in Glasshouse. (Town north of Brisbane) 
There were well over 300 items handed in that day. 
We found out also that day, that approximately 850 knitted/crocheted blankets have been handed out to the needy, by the group, so far this year. Phew! That is some achievement! 

This week thousands of warm items and toiletries have been delivered by K4BN to Warwick, Stanthorpe and Roma. ( these are rural towns) Last Sunday, and Wednesday of last week, thousands of items were handed out by the group to needy people in Ipswich and Brisbane respectively. And I keep joining squares....!


Dorothy said...

K4BN are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. xox

margaret said...

lots of ladies doing wonderful things for those less fortunate good girls

Cathy said...

I always enjoy reading about the donations you receive from your fabulous group of volunteers (and their 'outworkers').
Welcome to winter Maria!! 5c outside my door this morning - cool eh??

angela said...

Wow you have heaps. We only have a group of about six regulars in our knitting group. So we don't produce as much as that. But what we do make get sent to the hospitals and they distribute it to those that need them the most.
It's kinda nice knowing something I made is being used by someone I don't know but appreciates it anyway