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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My goodness! There's a first time for everything...

And that was a favourite saying of my late mother. For instance she would be amazed at the 'technology' in our everyday lives nowadays. Last Christmas Eve the family chatted to my DsD3 who is now living in Canada. We chatted via Skype. 

Our family uses Skype a fair bit and it's a wonderful way of staying in touch when friends and loved ones are far away. 
But last January, I saw another family using Skype at church!  
It was a baptism here in Brisbane, and the baby's godmother was in San was late afternoon in San Diego and morning here.

She obviously had a copy of the service and we all heard her responses very clearly...definitely a first for me! Lol. But so wonderful that this lady was able to be part of this baby's christening without an expensive and long flight back. Makes perfect sense :-)


Cynthia said...

That's wonderful that she could "be there" when she couldn't. My dad was too ill to travel for my daughter's wedding and that would have been such a great solution. Wondrous times we live in!

Janice C said...

I love Skype, our grandchildren are in Canberra and it's a great way to stay in touch and see what they are doing!

Christine M said...

My SIL skyped our MIL's funeral so that my niece in England could attend. She was trying to find a way to fly home but it was just before Christmas and couldn't get a flight. It was lovely that she could still be there.

Nanette said...

Skype sure is wonderful,C I use it a lot with daughter and grandkids in the States. At my ex-MIL's funeral, one of the cousins Skyped for my daughter so she could be part of the service for her nana. She "sat" next to her dad, and they were able to exchange thoughts through the service and she comforted was lovely for both of them. She "went" to the wake as well, and had a beer with everybody when they raised a toast to Irene. Who would've thought!

doodles n daydreams said...

Technology is a wonderful thing.