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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday Night with Friends

This Friday night we are in Liverpool, staying in a hotel called The Penny Lane...and it has a Beatles theme...surprising that isn't it? Lol. 
Most times when I'm travelling I complain about the poor light in the hotel/motel/B&B rooms...which can make it hard to sew. But not this time...

The room has a huge central light and 6 down lights and it's great!
So tonight for FNwF, I brought out those hexagons that I bought at The Liberty Store in London, way back at the beginning of our holiday. I have stitched all the blue ones over paper and have now done some pink ones...but I still have a number of pink ones to go. So using the ones that have been stitched already, I played around with positioning...still no definite idea of how I will finally arrange them, or what I will make...but the cushion idea is still a favourite.

There's still a little pile of the pinks to do...

And I did a few rows on the knitting project I have been working on...I bought yarn in the first week we were here and the idea was that I would knit strips of squares that would eventually be sewn up into a blanket for the needy. A number of ladies in my knitting group make blankets this way and they have my highest I have found it so boring, and I haven't even made one strip yet! And yet these ladies make lots of these rugs each year...all garter stitch because it sits flat. 

But I will plod on for now, but may experiment after I've made 1 strip...perhaps pick up stitches along the long edge and change over to circular needles and maybe try some different stitches? 
So here it is; 50 stitches and 50 ridges per square and I bought 5 different colours.

Thank you to Cheryll once again for organising this night which sees people from all around the globe working on various projects and then sharing what they have done. There were 54 of us this month, why not head over to Cheryll's blog and use the Linky widget there to visit some (or all of those) who signed up! You won't be disappointed! :-)


Nanette said...

Love those pretty Liberty hexies, whatever you make will be a wonderful souvenir of your trip. Wonderful you could still link up with FNwF too, the joys of the internet.

Cath said...

Love the liberty hexies.....I might have to do that with my liberty fabrics too.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Deb R said...

Hexis are addictive lol, great photos too!

Heather said...

Good old hexies! They go anywhere! Well done.

Marit Johanne said...

It is great that you get time for some sewing and knitting projects too on your way! I agree with you that garter stitches are boring... But they are easy to knit on a travel. In Norway it has been so popular to knit a sweater with only garter stitches. It was a popular TV-host who first had this sweater on. She had knitted it herself, and the pattern was published at her daughter's blog. Then everyone should knit it! The yarn stores all over the country run out of the kind of yarn that should be used. People was on lists waiting for the yarn. It was crazy! Because of the easy knitting with garter stitches, also people that was not so very familiar to knit could do it.But all the experienced knitters who started it, complained about how terribly boring it was to knit :)
It is called Dorthe genser, if you want to Google it.

Susan said...

I admire your love of craft that you are knitting while traveling Maria. You never waste a minute and someone in need always benefits from your work too.
Your hexagons will become something even more beautiful under your hands :D)

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful hexies and thanks for sharing the photos.