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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ferry across the Mersey

Remember the song 'Ferry Across the Mersey' by Gerry and the Pacemakers? Well I've always wondered what it would be like to do just that...

One thing you notice immediately about the Mersey River is that it is rather wide! 

This is the ferry we caught...

Before we headed off, I noticed a couple of passengers who had not paid...they were cleaning up crumbs so maybe they were employees? 

We found that the ferry doesn't just cross the Mersey, it travels downstream towards the mouth of the river and then turns and travels up the other side. 
We got great views of the city buildings...
The white building in the foreground is the museum.

The building on the right is a Port Authority building which the commentary explained was built from plans that were originally drawn up for a cathedral.
The building on the left is the famous Liver Building. We got an excellent view of the 2 Liver Birds which are on the top of that building.

We passed lots of docklands areas. According to the commentary, in its heyday, Liverpool had 9 miles of docks/wharves on the Mersey. Most of these areas, especially the huge brick warehouses have been repurposed. 

Mouth of the river...

Now travelling along the other bank of the river...we passed New Brighton, a seaside resort area developed on the bank of the Mersey in the latter part of the 19th century.

The futuristic Space port centre

Our ferry ride is almost at an end...we just have to cross back to where we started.

It had been a very enjoyable and informative ferry ride.
' Life goes on day after day, hearts drawn in every way...'


Vireya said...

Just reading the title had the song going through my head. So it was background music to your whole post.
Everything looks a bit grey and wintery, though!

Susan said...

Hi Maria, I found your ferry ride to be so interesting. Such a mix of old and new architecture along the way too :D)

Andy Brockbank said...

Traveled up and down the Mersey enroute to the Isle of Man many trimes as a child with my parents. Pictures rekindle many memories.