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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Red Food; Green Food...

In my job as a classroom teacher we would discuss with our classes, foods which were healthy versus foods that were not so healthy. Foods designated 'red' were usually not able to be sold in the school tuckshop but could be a 'once a term' treat such as a pizza day, ice cream or sausage sizzle. 'Green' foods were 'allowed' all the time. (Some foods were Amber too)
Well last week those terms came to mind as DH had a bit of both!
Last Wednesday night we went out to celebrate DsD2's husband's birthday. Karl loves carbs so we went to a Pizza and Pasta restaurant. DsD2 provided the birthday cake...

Now that is definitely a healthy cake!

 So that was Wednesday night...then on Saturday it was McHappy Day at McDonalds restaurants. One dollar from every Big Mac sold is set aside, raising money for all the Ronald McDonald houses in Australia. These houses provide accommodation close to the hospital for families of very ill children who have to come to the city for treatment.

 I have some friends (2 sisters) whose great niece/granddaughter is seriously ill and waiting for a heart transplant. The family had to go to Melbourne and while little Miss A is in hospital, her mum and dad and big sister are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House there.
So naturally DH and I visited a local Maccas for lunch and ordered 2 Big Macs!
It was the least we could do!

Now more about that cake. As soon as I saw it, I said 'I saw that on Pinterest!' I've got quite a collection of ideas for healthy 'green' foods that I've pinned. Here is the link to my board.


Noela said...

That is one good looking cake and a healthy finish to the meal. Hugs....

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