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Friday, November 1, 2013

Another unexpected outing...

For a few years I've been whinging complaining querying my dentist about the occasional ache in my gum where I have a small crown. Each time, Tony dutifully probes with those hideous pointed tools, x- rays the offending area, and has always pronounced that there were no problems with the crown. And the pain would disappear on its own any way!

Well after I left hospital last week, this tooth has started playing up, making it difficult to eat even. This started last Saturday...but it was only every second day that I would have the soreness. On Wednesday this week, I decided I could stand it no more and rang the dental surgery and got an appointment for yesterday afternoon. Within the hour of making the appointment, I suddenly realised that I had a sore lump in the gum where the crowned tooth I was glad that I'd made that appointment. Then later in the evening...the lump had gone!! And I could chew food on that side again.
Urban Dental at Kelvin Grove

So yesterday afternoon, I sat in the chair and told him the story...what a weird and convoluted tale it was! Tony got to work with those probing tools and then after that took a single x-ray... and found a large abscess. Needless to say he was very surprised, as there was little sign when he did the examination. He hadn't found any sore spots when he was probing around the crown and the gum. (remember I did say that the pain comes and goes???)

While I sat outside the dentists waiting for DH to bring the car around, I noticed the interesting pattern on the footpath...I have walked on it so many times before but have never noticed this!!

The 'dramas with this tooth started when I was in my late teens when I got an infection in a temporary filling put in by the family dentist. Problems have tended to flare up with this tooth about every 10-12 years, necessitating root canal work, part crowns, full crowns, with the last work done in 2004 when Tony saved it from extraction. This time however, he  has recommended that I get the tooth removed.  He offered to so that yesterday but as I just couldn't face it, I said 'I was too fragile', so I have a course of antibiotics to take now...big ones too!

Looking down the street from where I was sitting. The Kelvin Grove Urban Village was built on the site of the former  Gona Army Base there. This street, like most in the village did not exist 10 years ago. 
DH and I didn't go straight home from the dentist...

We stopped in Alderley so DH could send off a parcel for me. I took a photo of the Physiotherapy sign; the practice is owned by a former student of mine.
Then DH drove us out to Grovely (Keperra) to Yarn Over, the yarn shop there. We bought a voucher as our donation to K4BN's Christmas raffle.

So Thursday turned out to be a big day for me. And after starting my course of antibiotics, I'm a bit zonked out at the moment and having lots of naps...:-)


Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

Boy, you've been in the wars lately. Let's hope after the tooth is out, it's all behind you.

Susan said...

Oh poor you - you don't really need this as well - but at leas the cause of the problem has been found.

Lin said...

I love that pavement - perfect patchwork stuff. Sorry to hear about the tooth - just what you didnt need at the moment! Hope it's calming down a bit. xx