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Sunday, February 27, 2011

On my soapbox...

This subject was going to be the topic for my post today but I couldn't work out how to add this video that I received as an email attachment from 2 friends. Then, just before, I came back to the problem and solved it straight away! On Friday I showed an advertisement for one of the 2 major supermarket chains in Australia which really disgusted me. The ad is here. What is going on in my country in the name of competition, is in my opinion, obscene. The worst part is that the farmers are being treated most unfairly in this, consumers think they are getting bargains but in fact consumers will probably face price rises when all competition of the 2 big players is annihilated. I much prefer the smaller supermarkets and the farmers' markets but I am guilty of shopping at the 'big 2' to get petrol discounts and  DH and I do buy Coles giftcards through the Union Shopper where we pay $180 for a $200 gift card...but it is a clever marketing ploy isn't it? The link to the video I mentioned is here and even though 'I am not without sin, I sure as anything casting a stone or two' at Coles and Woolworths! The figures on market share quoted in the video are really interesting as Australia is compared to the UK and the US. No pun intended...but sure is 'food for thought'!


Linn said...

Hi Maria,
I too am guilty of buying from Coles. I tend only to buy flour and yeast and other things that I cannot buy from local farmers. (Is there somewhere else to buy toilet paper from?) I will not buy cheap milk and have not done so for a very long time, even though it is tempting at times. I think though the majority do and i'm afraid that Coles will 'stuff up' our farmers.

Maria said...

Hi Linn, yes the toilet paper supply issue is a tough one! Both the giants are seducing us at the moment with '20 rolls for $10' deals and people are buying up big! I'm lucky in one way that I have 2 IGA supermarkets close by and it's such a pleasure to shop in them. Two suburbs away we have a shop which sells items in bulk/loose including flours, cereals etc. Rhonda Jean has mentioned this shop and there's also one close to her on the Sunshine Coast.