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Thursday, February 24, 2011

On my mind...some more knitting, a bit of a shock and rising anger at the supermarket chain...

I was thinking last night about what I would post for 'On my mind' Friday. I thought I would talk about the progress of a knitting project that I started the week the flooding started in Qld as I was sitting in front of the TV so much watching the disaster unfold. To me watching TV is wasted time unless I'm doing something else as well such as knitting, crocheting or sewing. So that is what I planned last night...

But this morning DH received a text from his DD3 who had just flown on an early flight to Melbourne from Brisbane. The text said that the plane had had a fire on board and they were met at Melbourne airport by 4 fire tenders. She indicated that all onboard were safe thank goodness...but how scary it must have been for all could have easily been a disaster! It made me think again of those families who have links with Christchurch who had a relative/friend/neighbour go off to work last Tuesday and who will never come home again...tragic! Hopefully our Nikki will enjoy the rest of her weekend away and with her usual resilience face the flight home.

Another thing on my mind is an advertisement in the newspaper yesterday from one of the 2 BIG contenders in the 'supermarket supremacy war', Coles. It speaks for itself in the photo below... (sorry about the quality of the photo it was easier to take a photo than scan at the time)

And these items are classed as 'food'? And 'quality food' at that!
The original idea for 'On my mind' is just an update on my mohair scraps throw. Here is a previous post showing progress. I've now completed 7 'strips' with an eighth half finished. It is still only tacked together and I've also put a few pins in each row as well. I now have to start thinking about a border as I think it needs that finishing touch. I won't take it with me when we head off on our holiday as I plan to buy yarns in the US and knit scarves for a Mothers' Day stall that school will have in early May.
Pinned together and lying flat on top of the bed

This is a new pattern for me that I tried out and i'll definitely use it again in another project

This was the first slipstitch pattern I ever tried; must be over 20 years ago now...still a favourite!

This is another favourite pattern. I use it a lot when I knit mohair rugs

This time the throw is draped over the lounge
If any one would like the pattern for any of the designs just email me and I'll scan and send them to you!

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