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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The past and present merge...

When my girls were little, I would organise an Easter Egg Hunt for them. Most times, the chocolate eggs were hidden around the garden. Some years it would be too wet and muddy so the egg hunt would move to inside.

The photos in the collage show DD1 and DD2 checking out their 'booty' after one Hunt. Their dad and I would make sure that the eggs were shared evenly between both girls.
( A family legend known as the 'Great Easter Egg Heist' saw a certain big sister sneak into ( and eat) her little sister's stash of eggs while little sister had her afternoon nap! 🙄)
And here we are at Easter 2018...most of the family were away this Easter. Just DH and I and DsD2 and her little family were in Brisbane.

And so I organised an Egg Hunt just for Anthea. I hid 9 small eggs on our wide veranda as the garden was rather muddy after all the rain we've had.

After 9 eggs had been found, I suggested that Anthea pick two that she'd like to eat right away. She 'wheeled and dealed' in the nicest possible way that maybe 3 would be good...😍 so 3 it was. And the other 6 got put in a 'bunny shaped box' to take home.
When I taught in a 2 teacher school in the early 2000s, our teacher aide would stamp bunny footprints on the stairs and hallway using flour and a homemade footprint stamp. And the Easter Bunny would send me an email later in the day which would tell us where to look in the classroom/computer room or even the staff room for the basket of eggs he had hidden. Surprisingly, that Bunny always left enough eggs for everyone!! 😉😉
Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter sharing your family's traditions.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gotta love Easter egg hunts ❤️🐣

Michelle Ridgway said...

How cute is the "Great Easter Egg Heist" hahaha! Lovely pics and traditions xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Though my Egg Hunt days are long gone, I still enjoy the memories and most have been pretty funny. Gosh we love our kids, don't we.
xx, Carol