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Monday, August 21, 2017

A fun night out!

In the last few years our parish has put on a dinner as a social event to bring everyone together for a night of fun. The last 2 dinners have had a Theme and so it was about a month ago that I was wondering whether I would ever be able to organise 1920s outfits for DH and I!!! I'd had no inspiration which is unusual.
Any way a month ago we met up with some much loved  in laws  from my first marriage. They had travelled from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for a week, so DH and I met up with them there over 2 days and a night. It was after dinner and we were sitting down listening to a 60s band and enjoying coffees/tea when I voiced my fears/problems to my former SiL of not knowing what we could wear.

I had asked the right person; M's 70th Birthday had been a 20s Theme. M said, just think Glamour! Within 10 minutes, I'd decided that I'd wear my wedding outfit, dressed with feather boas from the cheap shop, pearls, gloves and I'd wear that fascinator that I had worn to the wedding in July...but worn like a tiara. I would see if DsD2 still had the fake fur cape from her wedding and add that! (Turns out she'd given it away a while ago!)
By this time I was on a roll and imagined DH as a golfer; I would see if my 'Hat collection girl', DD1 had a cloth hat...and she did!
Last Friday I bought a few supplies from Spotlight to complete our outfits. The dinner was Saturday night and on Saturday morning I thought perhaps I should try on my outfit...after all, the wedding had been 13 years ago. Oh dear...a problem 🙁

So! A change of plans obviously! No longer the 20s movie Plan B outfit was black...clothes that fitted! Lol
Ta dah! DH! The sweater had been bought on our last trip to Scotland and the argyle patterned socks were bought from a fundraising sock drive a while ago.

In the previous photo, DH looks like he's smoking a pipe. We are both non smokers but it's amazing what you can buy at Spotlight! 😉

My persona wearing the black outfit now became more 'gangster's woman' than movie star and during the evening I found a few gangsters I could pal up with! Lol. Some even complete with violin cases!!!!

That tough looking bloke on the left is our parish priest and the stern looking one on the right is my friend's husband and a sweet guy really.
Here's a pic with another two friends who I've known since the mid 1970s. C arrived looking a bit upset as her husband had said she looked like her grandmother!!! I told her she looked like Tilley Devine, ( an infamous Madam in Sydney in the 20s and 30s; one tough cookie!) but she didn't mind that!!!

We had a lovely roast dinner for the is our table just starting on the bread rolls...

As part of our ticket, we all got a complimentary mocktail. I find such drinks are usually too sugary, but my pear flavored one was just all natural fruit...delicious!

Some of us brought along dessert; DH and I brought along a pavlova and I'm pleased to say there was none left to bring home!
After dessert, we had a murder mystery game. Our MC was in charge of this and handed out parts to people.

DH was given a character to play...

Yes! He was that ubiquitous character...the butler...but he didn't do it! Lol
Myself, and a few others guessed who the murderer was a gut feeling for me; the clues didn't really help me!! Lol. I got a chocolate horse as a prize!

Another activity was the toy roulette game...

Or having your photo taken in the 'old car' of our parishioners is a talented artist!

There was also a sheet of questions on 1920s slang words and their meaning, for each table to fill out. Our table got 17 out of 25 and came second to the winning table who had 21!
And my friend C won the raffle which was a basket of cheeses, wine and other yummy stuff.

And these three lovely ladies were the organisers of the night; a job well done!
And I had been forewarned by my SiL that the feather boas moult...this is just a small number of feathers I left in a trail that night, both at home and at the church hall.

Some of us in costume got a group photo too...


Kate said...

Such fun Maria and the costumes are fabulous!

margaret said...

such a gteat time you all had and love the outfit how good to all dress uup

Nanna Chel said...

You had such a fun time by the looks of it, Maria.

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness .... what a fun night !! You and DH look amazing too. I really laughed at you winning a chocolate horse. Great post Maria. xox

Vireya said...

That does look like a fun night. You both look the part!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That looks like a wonderful night out and you all look fabulous! :)

Jackie said...

It looks like the evening was a blast.

Just think due to the moulting you could always find your way back.

God bless.

Kim said...

What fabulous costumes AND what a fun night you all seem to have had!

Cynthia said...

Wonderful costumes, and what fun!