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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

25 Days of Christmas Project.

In December 2013 one of my friends invited me to join her in a little Facebook project that she had devised. Jenny called it 25 Days of Christmas and the idea was to post a photo with the Christmas theme each day from December 1 right up to Christmas Day. I seriously doubted I could come up with enough photos but still agreed to join Jenny. Well...I ran out of days before I ran out of photos! 
My friend decided that the one year was enough for her, but I've kept going and here I am in my 4th year. I thought I would share some of those 2016 photos on the blog.
Day 1 
DH standing beside the Christmas tree in the foyer of the Geebung RSL club. We were there last week to play Trivia.

Day 2
Most of our Christmases were spent here in Brisbane, but a few times we spent Christmas with our Melbourne family. My girls were probably 7 and 10 that year.
Day 3
This ornament has already  been written about on my blog; De, my Secret Santa at Sunday Stitchers made it for me. 

Day 4
This photo is of DsD3 at 2 months with her big cousin on Christmas Day 1986.

Day 5
This photo is of an animated Christmas tree that I saw at Costco a few months ago. I loved it but didn't buy it. It was cute though...that little train running along the little track and beautiful music and lights.
Day 6
This day I posted a collage of some of my favourite Christmas projects over the years using hexagons. I've masked out most of the new project on the left as it's a Secret Santa give for someone in Blogland. 😉

Day 7 
This is another photo collage from the family archives...1983; DD1 received a Fisher Price Musical Carousel toy from her dad and I. As you can see in the top photo, I loved playing with it too. 
The photo in the bottom right hand corner is 'borrowed' from the Internet. The original toy also included 3 little people figures who sat in the little seats that spun out when the handle was turned to play the records. We loved that toy! Unfortunately when Miss DD1 was about 5, she poured cordial into the mechanism and it never worked again. My budding scientist wanted to see what would happen if a liquid was added...😒. All wonderful memories and what family stories are made of. 
The pictures I've posted in the previous 3 years have prompted some lovely reminiscing from both family and friends...and that's what Christmas means to me...memories and special times with family and friends. 

So that's the first week of my 25 Days of Christmas for 2016.


Vireya said...

I enjoyed your Christmas photos!

margaret said...

doing this must have bought back lots of lovely memories when you came accross the photos

diane b said...

Well done too. A good challenge to keep up.

Sharmayne said...

Some lovely photos ......and I'm pretty sure we had that toy for our kids too lol

angela said...

Thanks so much for sharing.
Loved the pics. I don't think I'd have enough for 24 days though. Maybe I'll give it a go next year

Jackie said...

Lovely photos, remembering Christmas's past is one of the best things about Christmas present.

God bless.

doodles n daydreams said...

What a great Christmas season idea :)


Cynthia said...

What a fun idea! I enjoyed your first week of Christmas photos of family memories.