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Monday, October 17, 2016

Wool on Sundays...

Joining in again with Rainbow Hare blog's Wool on Sunday. This week Janine's post featured crocheted squares using autumn colours.
Now to what yarn-related things I've been up to.
Firstly a blanket made from those donated knitted squares that I showed last week, is now finished.
 The variegated yarns that the donor used are so pretty and I'm in awe of anyone who could sit and knit all those squares! ( there's enough squares left to make 2 more similar sized blankets!)
Next is another finish. I made this rug quite a while ago but it still needed the ends on the border to be neatened sat for quite a while on a shelf waiting for this. And then I had a 50th birthday lunch to attend and I realised that this rug would be perfect for the birthday I spent the 30 minutes or so needed to finish it! Lol
And lastly, a new project started in this last week; the baby blanket using yarns leftover from other projects. 
The pattern comes from an old publication which I think is out of print. I'm not sure of copyright restrictions but I'm adding a photo of the pattern to this post.

I use more than the 3 colours suggested by the pattern. For the baby blanket I'm using an 8 ply acrylic as the main colour and an 8 ply cotton for the colours. I cast on 215 stitches on 4.5mm circular needles. When I make this pattern up in a 12 ply yarn ( such as mohair) for a throw, I cast on 205 stitches...this is a good size for an adult blanket. If I make a throw for an adult in 8 ply, I cast on 245 stitches...or thereabouts. 
Sorry to overseas readers who probably haven't a clue what 8 or 12 ply yarn is. But there are comparison sites which help with this. Such as this website.
So that's all my yarn-related news for this week.


Lin said...

Lovely work as always Maria - thanks for the link to that conversion chart. xx

Claud said...

Those blankets are just gorgeous! You do such an amazing job putting them together. I think that is the hardest part. Big hug Maria.

Nanette said...

Pretty baby blanket, love that waffle stitch. And well-done on your finishes!

Kim said...

LoVe the blanket from all those gorgeous, patterned squares, Maria. There are so many textures, colours and patterns! The birthday blanket is pretty, too; the birthday girl is going to love it!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous. You are a superb knitter.

God bless.

margaret said...

the knitted squares blanket looks great wit hthe blacck seams.I think there i one happy birthday girl and the baby blanket will be warm and cosy for a little one

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Wonderful work, as always, Maria! It's amazing to me that you can get a random collection of squares and put them all together to look like a designer blanket and you do it every time! Happy Birthday to your friend :)
And Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

angela said...

LOVE the baby blanket.
I haven't touched any needles or hooks for ages.
What with everything going on here and being a grandma. I guess I'll take the summer off and get back to it in the winter