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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another job for Santa???

In 2014 my Secret Santa in the Chookyblue SSCS was Isabel from Portugal. And what a lovely lot of gifts I received; as they say I 'was really spoiled'! 
This lovely Christmas ornament was made from cork...

Isabel stitched a lavender sachet but after checking customs regulations turned it into the sweetest little pillow. There was also a ball of yarn, a gorgeous Zauberball in predominantly purple shades. And there was also a Portuguese chocolate flavoured with passion was delicious btw!!  

The main gift was this magnificent circular needle holder which Isabel made for has been such a wonderful gift...made with Kaffe fabrics too!!! 
Well, I noticed as 2015 went on that Isabel had 'become very quiet' with almost no activity on her blog or Facebook. So finally in October I sent her an email asking how she was and once more saying how much I had loved her gifts. I found out that 2015 had not been a good year for her and that she had not signed up for the SSCS as she felt she wouldn't be able to keep to the deadlines. Isabel commented that she loved the fun of being a Secret Santa with the stalking etc and might I add that she is a very effective stalker! My circular needles were kept in a ziplock bag for years before Isabel made the special holder for them! 
So...even though life was a bit crazy here for me with DH's health issues, I decided then and there that I would make up a SS gift for Isabel. Time constraints meant that I didn't sew anything myself, but I 'gathered' some gifts together ready to post in the first few days of December. The parcel only arrived late last week in Isabel's town so just didn't make it before Christmas. 
A Christmas ornament complete with a little hanging bag; a stocking in Australiana fabric and a face washer with a cross stitched kookaburra. All these items were stitched by friends who sell at markets.  
And I bought some charm squares of Australian Aboriginal designs from Tuppy's....

And an iron on fabric label...

And a fabric patch from Nature's Face...the wallaby can be easily seen in my poor quality photo but there are lots of other fauna ( and Aussie flora) hidden in the fabric patch. 
My goal was simply to give Isabel a nice surprise and let her know that others are thinking of her. And I achieved that! 
Now it would be a wonderful surprise for Isabel if some fellow bloggers could visit her blog and wish her a Happy New Year...??? Here is the link   


margaret said...

some love; gifts both sent and received. Popped over and left a comment hope your friend gets back to blogging soon

Nanette said...

Lovely gifts both ways and a huge kindness on your part. Bet you're over the moon with your needle holder. Funny how we "make do".

Michelle Ridgway said...

I remember your very cute gingie. Such a lovely kindness Maria. I have been for a visit....hugs to you xxx

angela said...

They are all wonderful. But my favourite is the ginger bread man. You were spoilt indeed xx

Lin said...

Lovely thought Maria. xx

Australian Gardening Granny said...

Sorry to hear that DH is still having health issues.

Love the gifts, both received and given, you have some very talented stitching friends.
Hope that 2016 is good for you, especially health wise.

Susan said...

That was a lovely thing to do Maria and I sure it brought a smile on her face.

kraftier said...

thank you Maria , and thank you to all those of you who sent me happy new year on my blog.
Because of this kind and wonderful gesture now i believe in SANTA.
all the kindness and love that i received make me feel blessed, 2015 was a "horrendous" year .
i hope start to sew in a few days .
Aussie bloggers rules! :)