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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Over the years I have heard people talking about a giant wholesale warehouse chain called Costco. For an annual membership fee, members of the public can shop at Costco. Friends who had visited the Costco in Melbourne raved about how wonderful/cheap it was. Well not long ago, Costco has opened at North Lakes, a community just to the north of Brisbane.

DH and I weren't really interested in paying for a Costco membership as buying in bulk is not imperative when you live in a 2 person household. Also bulk buying needs some sort of storage space...I'm a knitter and a stitcher...any space is filled with fabrics and yarns thank you very much! lol. (Many people we know have joined as the discount on petrol is considerable...but not if you have to drive a fair way there and back to get the fuel!)
But then my SiL, who is a member, suggested that perhaps Costco might have lollies in bulk at good prices which would be handy to fill those mini Christmas stockings, gift bags and boxes for K4BN. So that's how come DH and I accompanied his brother and SiL, as their guests, to Costco last Thursday. (If you are not a member you cannot even get in the front door of the warehouse, unless you are a guest/visitor accompanied by a  member. 

The trolleys are large! And we saw people with 2 or 3 filled to the brim trolleys at the checkouts!

Technically DH and I couldn't buy anything but we were able to have a look around. It's strange how items that went into our relatives' trolleys ended up at our place later on????
Most of the confectionery was bulk packaged chocolates which are not suitable for filling the mini stockings with our summer heat here, but we did find 2 varieties of sweets that would be suitable. 

DH bought a new 'surge protector' power board, a big tub of yoghurt and a few other things that were definitely cheaper than supermarket prices. You need to know 'your prices' as when you calculated the price on some items, they were not as inexpensive as at first sight.
We thought these were a good buy...
DH takes muesli bars for a snack at golf...this box of 2 dozen have saved quite a bit on supermarket prices. 
When the North Lakes Costco opened, my friend Sue wrote about her very positive experience as a business member at Costco here.
The place is huge and walking around with my SiL, we seemed to walk for 'miles'! lol.
(DH and I won't be paying the $60 membership of Costco as our circumstances don't really warrant it but now we can say we've been and had a look!)


Sharmayne said...

Yes, I have to agree, I got to have a look at the one in Melb fairly recently, but we are 3-4 hrs drive from it with adult children leaving the nest ( again), so I don't think we will take up membership either.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing place,yes i know where you are coming from Maria when there is only 2 in the house ,shopping this way is not needed,thankyou for sharing your experience.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Maria,

Glad you got the lolly supplies. Gosh that shopping trolley is huge, reminded me of that movie "Honey I shrunk the kids." You look so small against it.

Happy days.

margaret said...

I too have been to Cosco both here in Leeds and in Manchester, a friend had a card and it was very useful when I was setting up home on my own following a marriage breakup. Like you though it would not pay for me to join being on my own even though it is a short bus ride away

Mizumatte said...

I have been to Cotsco once, not here in Sweden but in Tokyo for three years ago when my brother lived there. yes it was huge and I don't know what to buy when there is to much stuff.Take care Jaana

Soma Acharya said...

We are a two person household too and did away with the Costco membership years ago. Just didn't see the reason to buy bulk all the time and there's is the membership fee to consider as well. Since we weren't buying that much, it wasn't any cheaper at the end.


Vireya said...

The size of that trolley is hilarious!

I wouldn't mind a wander around the place to have a look, but I don't know anyone who is a member to take me in. And there's nothing I want to bulk buy (not even fabric!) so no need to join up myself.

Mizumatte said...

oh I hope you are ok, my relatives told it has been a bad storm in Brisbane. For some reason I could't send you a e- mail. Jaana

Susan said...

I'm with you - I cant even imagine finding space for 300 metres of glad wrap (I have trouble when I buy a 24 pack of toilet paper!!!).
If I get a chance I'll have a look but other wise a pass from me too.