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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I've heard of Manic Mondays, but last Sunday was pretty 'full on' too!

Last Sunday St Francis Day, patron saint of animals, was celebrated. Both churches in our Parish had a Blessing of Pets Service where parishioners brought their pets to church! At St James we had LOTS of dogs, a cat, a guinea pig and some fish. 

Father Bruce wore a special stole made from 'dog' fabric...

After lots of thought I decided not to take Eduardo, as at 13, he gets a bit stressed being kept in the pet carrier. Instead I walked up with my iPad with a photo of Eduardo. Father Jack laughed when I gave him Ed's full name...Eduardo that's not funny is it? Lol

After church we went off home and got ready to go to the theatre. We had tickets for the afternoon performance of Spamalot. DH wore his Spamalot t-shirt purchased in London 2008. 
We went with DsD2 and her husband and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show...the stars of the show all worked so well together. Mind you, I suspect that a lot of adlibbing went on! 
Then it was home again to start preparations for the BBQ. DH organised family members to come over to watch the NRL football Grand Final. 
My brother was in charge of per usual! 
My SiL brought the dessert...a watermelon cake! It was basically a thick slice of watermelon minus the skin; decorated with strawberries and topped with yoghurt and was delicious and no guilty feelings after eating a slice. :-)
As there were no Queensland teams in the final, we cheered for the underdogs...who had not won a Grand Final in 43 years. And South Sydney won! Good on them...great effort! 


Susan said...

Weekends like that go so fast! Love the idea of the watermelon cake!

Exercising Septuagenarian said...

What a busy day Maria. I went to Spamalot too. Laughed all the way through. So funny.

Vireya said...

That watermelon cake sounds good!

margaret said...

sounds like a great way to spend Sunday

Kathy said...

I thought the ipad with a photo was a great idea....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane