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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I hope I haven't been confusing readers with my 'backtracking' and publishing posts about our recent holiday...on this coming Sunday we have been home 4 weeks...yes 4 weeks! Amazing really. (Be warned though, I will still continue with the occasional post about our holiday adventures!)

While we were away I bought some acrylic (Robin) yarn and was knitting strips with the idea of making a blanket eventually. 
I made 2 of these strips and it soon became obvious that there had not been enough yarn purchased to make the number of strips needed to make a throw. But the yarn had served its purpose; a mindless project to work on in the evenings and sometimes in the car on longer drives. 

Over the last couple of weeks of the holiday, I wondered what I could do to turn 2 strips into a blanket; preferably by using yarn that I already had in my stash at home. I decided that the solution would not involve knitting garter stitch strips of 50 stitches.
 Then I remembered some Caron remnant balls of yarn that I had bought a few years ago through EBay. The yarn had turned out to be thinner than I expected and I wasn't able to use it for the project that I had in mind at that time. But it would be perfect with the 8ply Robin yarn. I started knitting a WIDE strip with this yarn a day or so after we arrived home.

The very wide strip, almost finished...

I had decided that the 2 narrow strips could be sewn on either side of this strip to make a reasonable sized blanket. To tie in the new knitting with those strips, I did some slip stitch stripes of the colours I had used in those strips. 
Last weekend I finished sewing together the pieces/strips and picked up stitches and knitted a border all around the edge. 

Photo shows the garter stitch strip sewn to one side...

When I walked inside to put the camera away, Mister Eduardo thought he would do his 'quality control inspection'...good news is that he 'passed it'! Lol


Nanette said...

Beautiful Maria, I love the colours you've used. have you started the Parish Raffle blanket yet?:)

Susan said...

You're so clever Maria - and practical... you've produced another original. I like that combo of colours too :D)

Susan said...

The colours do look great - very ingenious!

angela said...

Looks great. I love using up all my odds and ends. Then I don't feel bad when I go and buy more yarn lol

Vireya said...

Very creative!