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Monday, December 16, 2013


Blogging, and in particular, signing up for blog swaps, has broadened my geographical knowledge of parts of my own country. I've discovered towns and districts that I've never heard of and naturally I've 'googled' these places to learn more. I've been allocated swap partners from every state in Australia, except Tasmania at this stage.

This year, I had swap buddies who lived in Narromine...other than the fact that it had a NSW postcode, I knew nothing about this I checked it out via Google. I discovered that it was approximately 40 km west of Dubbo. Now by an amazing coincidence, when last sorting old photos, I found a photo taken on a visit to Dubbo!

We stayed 2 nights in Dubbo while on the way to Canberra in 2002. We had an enjoyable trip to the famous Dubbo zoo, including the tour there which starts early in the morning before the zoo officially opens for the day. But the first attraction we went to in the town was the tour of the old jail/gaol.

And here I am, just standing around at the jail... :-/

In the stocks at Dubbo Gaol; just as well people didn't throw rotten fruit and the like, like they used to in times gone past! lol
So the next time, DH and I have a road trip down that way, we must check out Narromine as it looks pretty interesting. I might even be able to meet up with Pat and Peg!

What a coincidence! DH  and I watched the show 'Outback Coroner' tonight and one of the cases being investigated was a death in Narromine! 


Dorothy said...

And the next time you visit Canberra you must meet up with me !!

Marilyn said...

We spent 2 or 3 years in Narromine (in the mid to late 70's) and our oldest 2 children were born there. I am so keen to go back and meet Peg, and catch up with Pat again. It was a lovely place to live, though got rather hot in summer.

Maria said...

How nice to go to Narromine to visit Pat and Peg.
If you are ever over in the West call in....

Maa said...

I love google maps for this reason. It's amazing to actually 'arm chair' travel. Have you checked out our little village too? Have a happy Christmas. Love Sue xx