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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pride and Prejudice...

I've written posts ( herehere and here ) before about the youth theatre company in Buderim, BYTES, run by Robyn, a former student of mine. Well, now there is Company BE which is described as, ' the sister company of BYTES. This adult company aims to produce quality plays with a particular focus on classic works and high calibre musical theatre productions.'
 And so it was that DH and I travelled up to Buderim last Sunday to see the company's inaugural production of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Robyn was directing the production and her daughter Katherine was playing Lydia Bennett, her sister was playing Mrs Bennett and Robyn's mother was playing Lady Catherine de Bourgh. What a treat! The company were presenting this play in honour of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen's famous novel of the same name.

About 20 minutes before the show was due to start...

 People who were seated early were treated to some wonderful old tunes played on the piano (see far right), such as Brahm's Lullaby...

As the time for the show drew near, the lovely pianist quickly climbed up the stage steps and disappeared behind the curtains...was she one of the actors we wondered???

Yes she was! The lovely Chelsea played Jane Bennett shown here with Robyn's sister who played Mrs Bennett. (photo from Company BE Facebook page) Peta played the role to perfection! Very OTT mother trying to get her daughters married off to prosperous men!

Mr Bennett (played by Ian Rix a Sunshine Coast music teacher) with his daughter Elizabeth Bennett
(photo from Company BE Facebook page) 
Another photo taken backstage and taken from the FB page but I just had to put in a photo of Mr Darcy. (with aunt Gardiner in this photo) 
Now anyone who is familiar with 'Pride and Prejudice' knows that the character Mr Darcy plays a pivotal role in the story. Many of us think that Colin Firth is the archetypical Mr Darcy...purr
DH and I decided that this young actor did a pretty good job in the role.

Now my old friend Pat stole the show with her performance as Lady Catherine de Bourgh.
Lady Catherine with Mr Collins

delightfully overbearing and rude Lady Catherine! lol I'm pretty sure Pat had lots of fun with the role!
And finally the entire cast on stage to take their bows...

Later in the year, BYTES will be staging 'Chicago' so that sounds like another trip to Buderim coming up! 


Vireya said...

I love Lady Catherine's over-the-top costume!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria...I've just been catching up on your last few posts and enjoying your news. Between coping with sneaky possums, sorting the mohair and going to the theatre you seem to be having a busy and enjoyable time of it all!