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Friday, November 16, 2012

Photographic Scavenger Hunt; Signs...

Once again, I'm joining in with Deb's feature and the topic this week is signs. Boy have I got some signs to show you!!!
Some brought a smile to my face when I saw them and I just had to photographed them....
This first photo was taken in inner city Melbourne...

 The next 4 photos were taken on Norfolk Island at one of the tourist attraction's carpark :-)

Hmmm...on closer inspection...the spelling isn't too good here is it?  lol

The next sign was on the back of a public toilet door in Warwick (QLD) ....

And this was outside a jewellers in Toombul Shoppingtown in Brisbane...

Some signs bring out the teacher in me and I want to get a 'red pen' and correct or even a post it note with a correction would do this one at our local post office...Mind you I suppose that 'accepted' could be okay but I favour 'excepted'. We've all seen signs which misuse apostrophes too haven't we???

Like the 4 photos taken on Norfolk Island, I have other photos of signs which cause memories to come flooding back of previous holiday travels...

3 years ago DH and I went to Melbourne with some friends to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary...we had tickets for Jersey Boys.

In 2010, DH had work commitments in Canberra but we had time to travel to the 'High Country'...

Last year we had a driving holiday in US and signs plus our GPS  were our lifelines :-)

Long Beach CA

I wondered whether this could be a relative!

Also in California; I sat in the car while DH went to the pro shop to buy some 'golf stuff'

This sign was in a memorial/tribute park in San Diego

Luckily we didn't see any of these at the Reserve in CA

You've been warned :-)

Housing of the very poor in Mexico...

You can still recognise that it's a stop sign (In Mexico)

Also in Mexico; a huge billboard ad for a doctor

This sign shows the border of USA and Mexico. We had to wait in line for 45 minutes to get out of Mexico; my worst nightmare would have been to be detained there! lol

That iconic sign in Piccadilly Circus
An election sign in London...a bit peculiar?

Singapore had most signs in English :-)

This one made me smile too!

I've included this photo of me walking along the beachfront at Sandgate...The signs on the shop include some  brands which no longer exist

 And some signs are a bit cringeworthy too!
Melbourne CBD shop


DEB said...

What a great selection, Maria. Love the Norfolk Island one.

Naturally Carol said...

What a wonderfully varied array of signs you've photographed! The old Peter's Ice Cream sign brings back some childhood memories..we had masses of Tip Top Icecream signs in NZ too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Deb. It's a great selection Maria. I'm off to Norfolk Island in February. I have to find that car park.